Integrated Management Systems Policy

Our policy as Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, aims to be the preferred airport in our region and the international hub in the transportation of passenger and cargo by contributing to the development of Turkish Aviation sector.

To provide this aim; fast, available, safe ,modern and high quality terminal services are targeted and all the activities within the Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Investment, Develop and Operation Inc. are considered with their environmental factors thus, integrated management system is constituted to avoid and control of hazards and apply effective occupational safety precautions.

Those following activities are promised to carry out within the scope of this policy:

  • Funded high tech foundation is used efficiently and the coherency of it is provided according to the expectations of customers,
  • Easy and accessible services are supplied to meet the expectations of our handicapped passengers,
  • Participation of all employees are provided with the educations and influential connections to satisfy the specifications of Customer Satisfaction Management System and to enhance activities of this system,
  • The complaints which are stated from our corporate customers and passengers are objectively investigated ,new solutions are created in a short time and consistent precautions are taken to avoid those complaints,
  • Employees are educated in order to improve environmental and occupational health consciousness and support corporate commitment,
  • National aviation and environmental , occupational health and safety regulations are completely obeyed, international regulations and standards are followed,
  • All the activities which are environmentally important and risky in terms of occupational health and safety are controlled effectively and related risks are minimized,
  • Wastes are reduced at their source and their disposal is provided within the frame of regulations to prevent environmental pollution,
  • Natural source saving measures are encouraged in all operations to prevent global warming and climate change,
  • The studies about efficient use of energy and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions are supported,
  • Passengers and inhabitants are enlightened about environmental projects and applications to supply a clean viable environment for the next generations and the feedback is determined as a continuous improvement organ,
  • The performance and activities of Quality, Customer Satisfaction , Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems are monitored, measured ,and improved continuously,
  • Environment-friendly goods and services are preferred in the process of purchasing,
  • By providing participation of the employees, an effective occupational health and safety report system is constituted and the potential workforce losses are reduced,
  • Workforce loss, occupational and work related diseases are minimized by controlling required medical examination and health monitoring processes in workplace.