Human Resources

At Sabiha Gökçen International Airport, our understanding of and commitment to workforce management and professional development, is in line with our mindset for customer service quality.

As a team player, in perfect tune with each another, every individual employee at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has a share in our Airport’s and Company’s growth and success.

Corresponding to our business goals and strategies, our HR Policy is aimed at meeting the Airport’s employee needs, setting the right conditions for the optimal use of this workforce and achieving sustainability.

Our principles in this context are;

  • Emphasising on employee motivation and loyalty,
  • Providing non-stop training and self-development to employees,
  • Providing and maintaining a secure, healthy and pleasant work environment in achieving work safety and health,
  • Pursuing an open and transparent management policy,
  • Safeguarding the psychological and material well-being of the employees,
  • Appreciating and rewarding high-performing employees,
  • Continual reviewing, updating and improvement of our human resources policy.


Training and Self-Development Facilities

Through in-house or outsourced training, we provide our employees to improve and develop:

  • Their professional know-how and skills
  • Behavioral and leadership skills