Pets in the Cabin Services

Pet; These are the types of cats and dogs that have valid vaccination and health certificates, entry permits and/or other documents required by the transit countries and can be transported in a special cage. For dangerous dogs such as , japanese tosa, dogo argentino, doberman, rottweiller, it is useful to contact your airline company.

The rules and practices regarding the transportation of pets in the cabin vary according to the airline company. You should definitely contact the airline company before the trip and get up-to-date information about the application from the relevant company.

Number and type restrictions apply to pets that can be carried with passengers on airplanes. For this reason, it is possible to carry pets with the passenger, by making a reservation for these animals.

The general rules regarding the transportation of pets within the framework of the procedure applied by the airlines are as follows;

  • Pet transportation is subject to a fee. This fee is determined by weighing the cage and animal together at the time of baggage delivery. Some Flight Companies may also charge a fee at the time of booking.
  • Pets are only allowed on board with passengers.
  • Pets can only be transported in cages of the size specified by the airline and absolutely provided by the passenger who owns the pet.
  • There should be a label on the cage stating the name of the passenger and the animal.
  • The pet must be healthy, harmless, clean and odorless. If the animal’s condition is considered suspicious (restless, aggressive, diseased, etc.), it may not be accepted for the flight by the station staff.
  • Pet’s health certificate, vaccination paper and ID must be kept with the passenger to be shown during the boarding process and when requested.
  • Some countries do not allow pets to enter, exit and transit with passengers. For detailed information, please contact the reservation or nearest ticket office of the airline you are traveling to.

"Regulation on Animal Health Conditions to be Applied in Non-Commercial Movements of Domestic and Ornamental Animals"
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