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Departing Passengers

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, pandemic measures and additional rules taken by airlines and airports have been implemented. In this process, we remind you to take note of the new measures before and during travel and to comply with the precautions taken to protect the health of yourself and your loved ones.

  • Complete the necessary preparations before arriving at the airport by reading the measures and practices of Covid-19 of the airline you will travel with.
  • For your health, choose online transactions (such as online check-in) offered by airlines.
  • Arrive at the airport earlier than usual and obey the warnings at the terminal.
  • Within the scope of coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, it is obligatory to wear a mask in public transportation vehicles and do not leave your home / workplace without first taking your personal protective equipment such as a mask.
  • Passengers who will use the airport must comply with the measures determined by the health authorities and use personal protective equipment. Those who do not comply are not admitted to the airport and its facilities and aircraft.
  • Body temperature measurements are screened with a thermal camera at the terminal entrance. Passengers with fever, cough, and respiratory distress are put on a medical mask and directed to the airport health unit and managed according to the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines.
  • Unmasked passengers are not accepted in the terminal building, and it is mandatory to wear a face mask during the time in the terminal. We remind you not to take off your mask until you leave the Terminal building in accordance with the outbreak measures.
  • Cabin baggage will not be accepted on flights, and since any items to be accepted are limited to laptops, handbags, briefcases and baby items, any other items/luggage must be checked-in. Please contact your airline for further details

On May 27, 2020, “Airport Pandemic Precautions and Certification Circular” was published in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Pandemic, which is effective worldwide, under the coordination of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Health. For more details, you can review the epidemic’s rules and precautions of the airline you will be travelling with and the country you are traveling from.


Additionally On the way to Sabiha Gökçen Airport

  • Do not forget your ticket and passport.
  • A baggage weight limit applies for every passenger. You should check with your airline in advance as the weight limit and the excess weight charges change depending on the airline,