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In this new period we live, we have made our processes safer in order to make your travels healthier starting from our terminal. Because we care about you and your loved ones.


Yaşadığımız bu yeni dönemde terminalimizden başlayacak tüm seyahatlerinizi daha sağlıklı yapmanız için, süreçlerimizi daha güvenli hale getirdik. Çünkü sizi ve sevdiklerinizi önemsiyoruz.

Before Coming to The Airport

Complete the necessary preparations before arriving at the airport by reading the measures and practices of Covid-19 of the airline you will travel with.

For your health, choose online transactions (such as online check-in) offered by airlines.

Within the scope of coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, it is obligatory to wear a mask in public transportation vehicles and do not leave your home / workplace without first taking your personal protective equipment such as a mask.

In the public transportation services used for transportation to the airport, less passengers are accepted to the vehicles to abide the social distance rule (at least 1 meter) with a diluted seating arrangement. When planning your transportation to the airport, also consider the measures taken regarding public transportation.

At the Airport

Passengers who will use the airport must comply with the measures determined by the health authorities and use personal protective equipment. Those who do not comply are not admitted to the airport and its facilities and aircraft.

Except for the passengers with allowed companions, guests accompanying passengers are not allowed to enter the terminal buildings.

Unmasked passengers are not accepted in the terminal building, and it is mandatory to wear a face mask during the time in the terminal. We remind you not to take off your mask until you leave the Terminal building in accordance with the outbreak measures.

Max 1 piece of cabin luggage is accepted on flights. Please check your airline’s website for details.

At the Airport

The use of masks is mandatory in the terminal building and its premises. All our guests are required to wear face masks continuously.

Arriving Passengers from abroad will be subjected to body temperature check at the terminal entrance by Turkey General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health unit.

Social distance markings are applied at the general circulation and waiting areas to help maintain at least 1 meter of social distance. It is important that our guests comply with the social distance notices in the baggage claim area.

We remind that all guests are required to take care of maintaining social distance within the terminal and annex buildings and the mandatory use of face masks at the closed areas.

Leaving the Airport

The use of masks is mandatory in the terminal building and its annexes. In the parking lot, all our guests must wear masks all the time.

Since all passengers are transported within the framework of social distance application (at least 1 meter) with diluted seating arrangement, fewer passengers are accepted to public transportation vehicles. We remind you to keep your social distance and the use of masks in public transport is mandatory.

Our guests using the ISG multi-storey car park can make their parking fee payments from the subscription office and payment booths, as well as from the payment kiosks located next to the payment booths.