All our guests entering Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport Terminal buildings will be subjected to security check and baggage control at security points by our authorized personnel in accordance with "National Civil Aviation Security Program - Annex 20".

Baggage Deposit

Passengers arriving early to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport may leave their baggage, to the Left Baggage Office in the Terminal Building Arrivals Level, International Arrivals hall per charge.

To contact Left Baggage office please dial +90 216 588 88 02.

Luggage packing unit

Two Luggage packing units serve to all our guests at Terminal Building Departures level. If you think your luggage is not appropriately packaged or is unprotected you can use luggage packing unit service.

Lost Luggage

On arrival, if your baggage does not appear or is damaged, there is no need to hassle; on applying to the Left Baggage Office or Ground Handling Staff, they shall make the necessary arrangements for you.

What you have to do is, just to give the correct details (the type, size, and color). The International Baggage Recovery System shall be tracking down your baggage.

If you are a member of an exclusive airline program or arrangement, do not forget to mention this on applying.

Baggage tracking on the average, for the domestic flights could take at least a month; while for the international flights could take upto three months. In case the baggage is not being recovered, you can ask for compensation. The compensation is paid on the weight, rather than the value.

For airline companies served by Çelebi Ground Handling

Çelebi Lost&Found Office

International flights office phone : 0216 588 51 88 - 6558
E-mail :

Pegasus Ground Handling Lost&Found Office

Domestic flights office phone : +90 216 588 88 64

International flights office phone : +90 216 588 88 67

e-mail :

For airline companies served by TGS Ground Handling

TGS Lost&Found Office

Domestic flights office phone : +90 216 588 89 32

International flights office phone : +90 216 588 89 26

For Turkish Airlines and Anadolujet passengers +90 212 463 65 19

e-mail :

Lost Property

Most of the items lost throughout the terminal are found by security officers or members of the police and handed over to the Lost and Found Officer working at the Terminal Lost Property counter in return for a report.

Items delivered to us as Found Goods (excluding food-beverage, cutting-piercing and flammable-explosive materials) are stored in the lost & found for one year.

Food, beverage, tobacco and tobacco products, etc. finds are destroyed together with the container / package / bottle etc. they are in, at the latest 24 hours after they are recorded by lost property.

Items found in customs area are returned to Customs Directorate after 3 months according to regulations.

Cutting-piercing and flammable-explosive etc. finds are in the status of prohibited items as specified in Annex 17 of the National Civil Aviation Security Program (MSHGP) and are destroyed without storage.

The Luggage that is kept in the lost property office as a Lost & Found item, will be subject to a charge from the second day of storage. Accordingly, the lost property storage fee for such baggage will be charged as follows:

Lost Item Type
Large Size Medium Size Small Size
2nd and 3rd days 4th day and longer 2nd and 3rd days 4th day and longer 2nd and 3rd days 4th day and longer
105.71 9.15 70.93 6.87 53.08 4.88


If you have lost or forgotten your belongings on the plane, please contact the lost property office of the ground handling company of the airline you are traveling with. Lost and Found deparment provides service on the Departures floor of the Terminal.

The lost and found officer is on duty between 08:00 and 23:30 on weekdays. Please take note that the Lost and Found Office does not deliver any recovered item during public holidays.

After submitting your inquiry, you will be informed within maximum 2 business days.

For any lost property enquiry please complete the online form using the link below.

Electronic message will be sent to your inquiry within 2 working days at the latest.

When sending a search query to us, please help us to provide detailed information about the item(s) where possible, so that we can serve you faster.(For example; Information such as Date, Time, Place of Lost, Type, Color, Special Quality, Manufacturer’s Name, Model, Serial Number, Content of the Goods)

Porter Services

Porter services come to the rescue of our guests on those occasions when baggage trolleys aren’t big enough to carry all that a passenger needs to carry. Attendants are ready to serve who are in need of porter services at the terminal entrances. The porter service is a paid service.