Storage Services

Export Cargo

Comprises enclosed areas measuring over 1250 square meters including 3 cold storage depots. It is equipped with modern and latest technology X-ray security machines.

X - RAY Device

With the "Linescan-232" type cargo scanning devices, installed at the Export Cargo of the Cargo Terminal, the interior of all kinds of cargo brought in for exportation purposes can be viewed prior to acceptance.
These devices have an extremely high penetration capacity and are able to view the interior of steel which is 6.5 cm thick. Cargos of large dimensions may be scanned in these devices which have a tunnel opening of 150 cm x 150 cm.

Import Cargo

This is an area measuring 2500 square meters comprising two enclosed import warehouses containing 6 cold storage depots, special sections for restricted goods and protected sections for hazardous substances. The import warehouses are equipped with a shelving system, computer-aided stocking and RF barcode placement systems.

ION Analysis Device

Narcotic and Explosive Trace Detection and Identification System

The ITEMISER Contraband Detector is a narcotic and explosives detection and identification device with the highest levels of precision in the sector.
The detector is capable of switching into explosive scanning mode from narcotic mode in a few seconds. This feature makes the device ideal for situations requiring scanning of both substances. Interactive, touch screen, analysis system, sample collection system and printer is integrated into a single light and portable unit.
Now it is possible to successfully detect and control these types of substances, which can leave traces on luggage, cargo boxes and other places where they are hidden.

Items Detected and Identified by the Device

Narcotics; Cocaine, heroin, THC, LSD, morphine, amphetamine, PSP and others
Explosives; Petn, TNT, dynamite, C4, RDX, HMX, semtex, ammonium-nitrate, TNAP, TATP, HMTD and others

Areas of Utilization in the Aviation Sector

Passenger personal control, luggage and belongings control, cargo control.

Other equipment available at the warehouse are;

  • Computerized Warehouse Operation System, RF Barcode reader and advanced level computer programmed stocking method.

  • 5 electronic ramps with height adjustment

  • Electrical Warehouse Gates

  • Closed Circuit Camera Control Systems

  • 3 ton capacity scales,

  • 10 ton capacity container scales on the Apron side.

  • 80 ton capacity truck weighing scales

  • Adequate forklift, reach truck, transpallets, towing vehicle like loading, unloading and stowing

Storage services at Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen International Airport are outsourced to a company experienced in this field.