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Service Type 0-1 hour 1-3 hour 3-6 hour 6-12 hour 12-24 hour
Car 40.00 TL 49.00 TL 74.00 TL 90.00 TL 120.00 TL
Bus 59.00 TL 66.00 TL 104.00 TL 126.00 TL 163.00 TL
Motorcycle 18.00 TL 23.00 TL 36.00 TL 45.00 TL 61.00 TL

Subscription Card Payment
Day count Car/Bus... Motorcycle
4 Days 348.00 TL 175.00 TL
7 Days 571.00  TL 285.00 TL
15 Days 781.00 TL 389.00 TL
30 Days 849.00 TL 426.00 TL

Car park Fee subscriptions has to be made before flight departures
at payment points.

Disabled badge holders and veterans can use car park free of charge.(*)

*Disabled passengers and veterans may park for free maximum for 15 days. After 15-day parking, normal parking charges will apply.

**Disabled passengers wishing to use our car park free of charge up to 15 days must be present in the vehicle and submit the required documents at the Subscription Office located at car park building West entrance.

The relatives of our disabled guests can use the parking lot free of charge for up to 15 days if the disabled person is in the car during exit or a travel document (eg boarding pass) is submitted and also has to have the disabled card on themselves, if the disabled passenger with the disabled card is not in the car or premises during exit, or a travel document can not be submitted, even if the disabled card is present, their relatives cannot benefit from the parking service free of charge.

*** We kindly ask Disabled passengers to submit their Disabled cards and vehicle registration. The surname on both documents has to match. If the vehicle is a company car a document that the company has reserved this car to the guest’s use is to be submitted. Only the veteran him or herself can benefit and has to submit the veteran card and vehicle registration.


Core diplomatic and offical vehicles can use ISG car park for free of charge for an hour (1) by submitting the necessary documents (vehicle registration, official documents etc.) at car park subscription office located at west building. In cases exceeding an hour the normal car park fee applies


Subsciption Card option is available for an hour after entry to car park.

To contact car park +90 216 588 88 57 - 588 88 45 and 588 88 47.