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Frequently Asked Questions


Which measures are implemented at Sabiha Gökçen to keep social distance?
Social distance markings and warnings have been placed in all service areas from the entrance doors of the Car Park and Terminal Building. Various posters and visual signs were applied at the entrances and within the building, which draw attention to the social distance rules. Capacity adjustment was made in a way to protect the social and physical distance in all areas throughout the terminal. However, it is only possible to comply with the social distance rule by the precautions and caution that all guests will take. Your sensitivity to maintain social distance is important.
Should I wear face mask at the airport?
Passengers who will use the airport must wear a face mask.
Passengers who do not wear face masks will not be admitted to the terminal building, and it is mandatory to use the face mask during the time in the terminal building.
Where can I get a face mask at Sabiha Gökçen?
Our guests who do not have a face mask or need to supply new / additional personal protective equipment can obtain personal protective materials such as face masks, gloves and disinfectants from the vending machine located at the terminal entrances or at the pharmacy located at domestic departures landside in the terminal.
Can I wear protective clothing at Sabiha Gökçen?
The use of face mask, which is one of the personal protective equipment, is mandatory within the airport. Our guests can use gloves and visors as additional precaution. To visit Covid-19 page of the Ministry of Health, https://hsgm.saglik.gov.tr/tr/covid19
Can I accompany my passenger at Sabiha Gökçen?
Non-passengers are not allowed to enter the terminal building, except for the companion of a accompanied passenger.
Can I come to the airport even if I don’t have a flight?
Only passengers and the companions of accompanied passengers are admitted to the terminal building, and persons without flights are not admitted to the terminal.
Is there temperature check at Sabiha Gökçen?
Body temperature measurements are screened with a thermal camera at the terminal entrance.
For Passengers Coming from Abroad; body temperature measurement and / or a thermal screening will be implemented by Turkey General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health Unit during terminal entry.
What are the Covid-19 measures taken for personnel working in Sabiha Gökçen?
All of our employees took the necessary Covid-19 training courses on hygiene, infection control measures training and sanitation, ways of transmission of COVID-19 disease, hand hygiene, use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in case of virus outbreaks. The training material given are in line with the content on the website of the ministry of health.
All of our employees use personal protective equipment such as medical masks, gloves and face protection / visors and hand sanitizer.
At the entrance to the terminal building, body temperature measurements are taken with a thermal camera.
The terminal building and working offices are regularly cleaned and disinfected.
Tools, equipment and equipment (radio, handheld detector etc.) used by the personnel are regularly disinfected.
All service vehicles used to transport the personnel to the airport are regularly disinfected and social distance rules are applied.
Where can I find hand sanitizers at the airport?
Sensor hand disinfectants are placed at the terminal building before and after security screening for use of all passengers and employees. Also hand sanitizers are available throughout the terminal general areas and all toilet halls.
Should I wear a face mask during travel?
It is mandatory for passengers to use personal protective equipment (such as face mask) determined by the health authorities at the terminal. People who do not conform with the rules will not be admitted to airport facilities and aircraft. It is compulsory for those who will use the airline to wear face masks, including private public transportation vehicles used for arrival / departure from the airport.


Which countries can I fly from Sabiha Gökçen?
Turkey started scheduled flights to/from abroad. You can follow the latest developments and travel limitations and rules through airline websites.
What should I do if I am visiting from abroad?
Body temperature measurement and / or a thermal screening will be implemented by Turkey General Directorate of Border and Coastal Health Unit during terminal entry. Examine the pandemic rules and precautions of the country you will depart and the airline and airport you will be travelling from before your journey.
What happens to passengers who show symptoms before or on the flight?
Suspicious cases are managed according to the Ministry of Health Covid-19 guide. For detailed information
What are the issues I should be aware of before coming to the airport?

Using personal protective equipment, obeying social distance and personal hygiene rules. Within the scope of pandemic measures, women’s handbags, men’s briefcases, laptop and baby handbags, souvenirs bought from the airport commercial areas, items brought with the passenger (musical instrument, camera, prompter, etc.), diplomatic courier bags, jewelery and gold samples and hand luggage that can fit under the seat in front of the seat in which the passengers are seated are considered as cabin luggage. In addition, shoulder and backpacks in the size of women’s handbags can be accepted to be aircraft. You can take advantage of the online check-in service the airline offers to minimize social & physical contact.

What should I be cautious of at the airport?
Take care to protect your social distance. Always use your personal protective equipment. Prefer to make your transactions online and contactless. You can protect your health by paying attention to the rules of personal hygiene.
Are there any extra precautions for disabled passengers?
Companion of disabled passengers are admitted to the terminal although non passengers are not admitted to the terminal during these trying times. Please keep in mind that for all guests wearing face mask is mandatory.
Are F&B areas open at Sabiha Gökçen?
With the start of domestic and international flights, most cafes / restaurants have started to serve, taking the necessary measures.
How many hours before my flight should I be at the airport?
Due to Covid-19 measures implemented at the airport and capacity regulation due to pandemic precautions, it is recommended to arrive early at the airport.
Is there any change in the liquid restrictions?
Liquid restrictions continues as before however during the pandemic, cologne / disinfectant type liquids that were not accepted at the airport due to high alcohol content are accepted in 100 ml container packaging.
What should I look for when I check-in and claim my luggage?
In line with the Airport Pandemic Precautions and Certification Circular, directions and markings were made to help passengers and airport workers maintain their physical distances across the terminal.
Passengers traveling from Sabiha Gökçen can use Self Check-in kiosks and manuel baggage drop to minimize contact.
We remind you to pay attention to keep your social distance in the baggage claim area.
Is the lounge service available?
Plaza Premium Lounge domestic and international lounges are open for service
For detailed information
Is PCR test available at Sabiha Gökçen Airport?

For the guests who are travelling abroad, PCR testing is now available at Sabiha Gökçen Airport, next to the Acıbadem clinic on the arrivals floor. Guests who are travelling abroad from Turkey will be notified of their results minimum two and a half hours after taking the test as the samples will be analysed in a laboratory in the terminal.

The test fee is 250 TL and the fees will be paid to the cashier at the relevant health facility.

Since it takes about 1,5 hours to get test results, it is important that our passengers with departure flights arrange their arrival at the terminal accordingly.

PCR and antigen tests are done by Smartlab, the lab is located at terminal arrivals international landside. To visit website smarlaboratory.com.tr


Can I come to the airport with my personal vehicle? Can I use the parking services?
You can come to the airport with your personal vehicle. ISG multi-storey car park is at the service of our guests. Necessary capacity planning has been made in order to observe the social distance within the scope of pandemic measures and informative / warning posters have been hung throughout the parking lot building.
Valet company provides service.
Can I use public transportation on arrival and departure to the airport? What are the measures taken in public transportation?
The public transportation vehicles serve both the arriving and departing passengers. Social Distance measures (at least 1 meter) are applied at public transport vehicles with the reduced capacity seating arrangement. Public transport vehicles are regularly disinfected by the institutions and businesses they are affiliated with. We remind you to follow the social distance rules and use a mask in the public transportation vehicles.
Did the airport taxis take hygiene precautions?
Airport taxis are regularly disinfected. We remind you that you must comply with the social distance rules and use a face mask while using a taxi in accordance with the pandemic measures.